Marie Antoinette may have (allegedly) said, "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche!" 

(Let them eat cake! ), but I say, "Laisse tout manger de la gateau!" (Let's all eat cake!)  

All cakes are three layers and include two layers of buttercream or specialty filling.  

Cakes start at $100 for a six-inch buttercream celebration cake and go up from there depending on size and design. I price for the cost of ingredients, supplies, and my time. Every cake is just a little bit different so please inquire for a quote. 

Please allow a minimum of three to four weeks between your order date and requested pick up date. I can sometimes fill cake orders within a week or two’s notice if you are comfortable leaving the finer details of the aesthetic up to me. During wedding season (late spring through early fall) kindly note that I book out two to three months for new cake orders. 

Delivery: Set-up is always included. ​There is a flat fee of $15.00 for cake and cupcake deliveries within a ten mile radius of 04351. For further distances please contact me for a quote. 

Please note that I must disassemble any tiered cakes prior to travel.

Displays: Sweet Annie's of Maine has several custom-designed, commissioned and locally crafted displays for your use.